Construction Administrator – ISG

Construction Administrator – ISG

Job Type: Full-time

We’re hiring a construction administrator to join our Public Works team to bolster our growing construction inspection, management, and administration services. We’re accepting applications for the next few weeks.

Our Public Works team serves County and City clients throughout northwest Iowa and are comprised of folks in our Storm Lake office. We are a full-service, multi-disciplinary team, who perform award-winning work in planning, design, survey, and construction.

Our Public Works construction administrators are responsible for the following:

  • Management of transportation, water & wastewater, and other utility-related construction projects.
  • Conduct professional meetings including pre-construction, public information, and periodic construction meetings.
  • Review the project progress schedule, shop drawings and sample submittals, and schedule of values prepared by the Contractor.
  • Prepare change orders and pay requests.
  • Interpret engineering plans, designs & reports when clarifications and interpretations are needed.
  • Provide onsite construction oversight of projects when needed.
  • Serve as a liaison with clients, government and regulatory authorities and contractors.
  • Oversee testing procedures and prepare daily reports summarizing project progress and test results.
  • Develop and enhance client relationships and business growth.
  • Prioritize overall project management and ensure successful project delivery.
  • Provide technical guidance and collaborate with project team members including other engineers and technical support staff.
  • Assist with functional and detailed design of transportation and municipal infrastructure projects when in the office.
  • Contract administration of municipal projects.
  • Other duties as assigned.

As an employee owner of ISG, you will continue to grow in your career. You’ll learn from us and we’ll learn from you. You’ll have the freedom and autonomy to do your best work with plenty of support along the way.

Interested?  Learn more about the opportunity and ISG below:


We’re looking for someone who may have some experience in the construction industry, public works, or construction administration experience. You should know, or be willing to learn, public infrastructure design standards and local, state, and federal government project delivery processes. Solid fundamentals in communication, basic computer skills, troubleshooting, and teamwork pave the way.

You might have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree, you might not. What we need is someone who can work independently with minimal supervision. We want you to compliment the team around you by sharing your knowledge and experience with others. We want someone who is highly sought after by our clients to administer their construction projects. A strong track record of recent past projects with good references speaks volumes but is not required.

This is primarily a field-work position. Travel to job sites will be required, therefore, a valid driver’s license with a good driving record is necessary. Your home office will be our Storm Lake location. Proximity to many future project sites is a benefit to you, us, and our partners. Our construction vehicles are mobile offices. Even while in the field, construction administrators have access to technology and experts.

Experience in other areas can help fill your time when it’s not construction season. We don’t hire construction staff with the intention to lay them off over winter, they are a crucial part of our team at ISG. That said, we are seeking someone who is very adaptable and willing to take on tasks that may be outside their comfort zone.


ISG pays very competitively to attract the top talent for our team and partners. We think it’s worth it if we find ways to pay for ourselves.

Benefits at ISG are all about helping you lead a healthy life outside of work. While we all know we can’t control construction schedules and that there are two seasons in the Upper Midwest (winter and construction), we don’t micromanage your productivity once our construction responsibilities are fulfilled. Quality time to focus on work starts with quality time to think, exercise, cook a meal, be active, be with family — time to yourself.

Full-time employees here at ISG get to be a part of such a firm, thanks largely to the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We are 100% owned by our employees! Through broader ownership, and the ability to be directly connected to performance, our culture of accountability and opportunism is amplified. Put simply, everyone works hard = everyone benefits, not just an elite group.


We are focused on strengths, using those talents to guide personal development and team collaboration. We are involved in our communities and manage through empowerment. Firm growth is a direct reflection of the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work each ISG owner brings to the office and field every day.

ISG’s growth and sustainability are based on the unwavering belief that we need to grow for the betterment of our people and firm. We are entrepreneurial. We believe in having the right people on board and being disciplined during good times and when faced with new challenges. And most importantly, we foster growth through positive mentorship and progressive ideas that lead to strategic, contextual based decisions. We believe that this unwavering commitment to our culture, clients, and dynamic qualities translates to better services for our partners, and that it will continue to guide ISG’s future.

Clients will follow talent, and talent fuels our growth. While capacity is always an issue for a growing firm, ISG has managed to maintain a high-caliber professional team with standards that go well beyond the norm. This commitment to cultivating top talent and refusal to accept mediocrity has been instilled in our culture and yields clients who are loyal to the ISG experience.

ISG’s ESOP structure is more than just a monetary transaction or retirement benefit. Ideas are not generated in boardrooms, but by talented professionals at every level. Mentorship is natural and consistent versus scripted. There’s a culture of support and a fierce drive for growth instead of secrets and rank. We are better together, all forging ahead in the same direction. Our All-In mentality goes beyond a marketing statement or firm mantra as it sums up the employee owner, entrepreneurial environment that puts clients and solutions first.


Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. Show us your role in ISG’s future and ISG’s role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Tell us about how you like to provide unexpected value to your partners, so they keep seeking your services year after year.

Although a cover letter is important, there’s no benefit to writing a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you. We value great communicators, so take your time with the application. We’re giving you our full attention.

If your response aligns with the role, we will contact you for an interview. Our interviews are typically 30 to 60 minutes, can be remote, and on your schedule. We’ll talk through your experience, your ideas for growing your career, and talk more in depth about the culture at ISG. We aim to make an offer quickly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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